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ABS, PLA, HIPS, NYLON, PE, Experimental Blends

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3D Printer Filament

Spring 2015

iExtrude Public Release @ NPE 2015

Updated iExtruder design features improved integration and upgraded electronics. April 2015 Sale Pricing $10,295.00 Units are available to ship immediately.

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Testing with Acetal and Nylons

The iExtruder was used successfully today to perform test extrusion on ultra high melt flow grades of Acetal and Nylon. The polymers would be near impossible to extrude with traditional means, however the iExtruder allowed it to be feasible. The samples generated were then tested on our 3D printe...

Filament Tolerances on iExtruder

Industry standard tolerances for 3D printing have largely been accepted at +/-.1 mm. Tighter tolerances are certainly available on the market place as extrusion companies continue to improve process, currently tolerances of +/-.05 mm are advertised by many. At B3D, our industrial extrusion system...

B3D iExtruder - Public Release!

Tired of filament extrusion promises from school kids, ...dreamers? ...Or getting stories and promises, ....rather than something that actually works?       NOW! Introducing a BRAND NEW PERSONAL EXTRUDER! MADE BY THE REAL EXTRUSION ENGINEER EXPERTS!   We have been testing and designing a ...